Gheralta, Tigray Rock Hewen Church – Axum 4 days

Tour Code : ETE205
Tour Type : Cultur, History and Natur
Duration : 4 Days
Transportation : Air and Land
Tour start / end : Addis Ababa

Axum is in the far north of Ethiopia. It was the original capital city, and the epicentre of the Axumite empire, a once formidable global power.

The relics that remain from that era rest in Axum, and visiting the city is to journey through time, and gain an insight into a long-lost civilisation

The sandstone cliffs in Gheralta are one of Ethiopia’s most iconic landscapes. There are plenty of hiking opportunities along these plateaus, and within the crevasses and caverns of the cliff face, ancient monasteries and temples wait to be discovered.

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    Addis Ababa – Axum


    Flyt to Axum, home of the ancient Axumite Empire, the Queen of Sheba and the Ark of the Covenant, and visit the Archeological Museum, the tombs, the stelae field and the Maryam Zion church. The city tour in Axum, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site will take you a longtime back in history. The legends narrated in the Kebre Nagast (Book of Kings) recount how the city of Axum as early as the 10th century B.C was already the city in which the Queen of Sheba resided. It is recounted that the son of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon brought the Ark of the Covenant to Axum and it remains there to this day, preserved in a sanctuary. Famous long before the time of Christ, Axum was the capital of the long Axumite reign, one of the oldest African empires and represented a crucial connecting-point between Africa and Asia for almost a thousand years. Visit the Granite stone Stele of Axum, The Tombs of King Kaleb and his son King G/Mesekel, The Ezana’s stone inscription, The Queen of Sheba’s palace and Swimming pool, and the Church of Zion, which is the final resting place of the True Arc of The Covenant

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    Axum – Hawizen


    Drive to Hawzien via the beautiful Adwa Mountains. Adwa, the historic battlefield where the victory over the Italians took place in 1895 and visit the ruins of the Yeha temple and the ancient cliff top monastery of Debre Damo and on the way. Continue to Adigrat, an important junction link between Ethiopia and Eritrea. On the way the views of the Geralta Mountains let you marvel. Finally reach Hawzien for overnight.

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    Gheralta Mountains-Hawizen

    Hotel Hicking 3.5h

    Today you will hike to the highest point of the Gheralta which is 2700 above sea level to see view towards the 4 corners of the remarkable Gheralta Mountains. Beneath the striking sandstone peaks that rise steeply into the sky, an irregular patchwork of semi-desert stretches to the horizon - the Hawzen Plain. This is an area of dramatic scenery, ancient history, vast skies and unforgettable sunsets. A place that takes your breath away. On the top of the mountain continue trekking to visit the church of mariam korkor & Danile korkor. After visiting those churches we will drive back to Hawzan.

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    Abune Yemata- Mekele- Addis Ababa.

    Hotel Hicking 1.5h

    After early breakfast start trekking to the main churches of Geralta Region, including the rock-hewn churches of Abune Yemata Guh which is probably the most spectacular located church in the area. The entrance is reached via a steep climb with hand and footsteps in the rock. Visitors have to cross a natural stone bridge with a steep gradient of around 250 m on both sides and then a final narrow rock path. You should not be afraid of heights! Abuna Yemata Guh is not only known for its location, but also very remarkable for its domes, architecture and wall paintings from the 5th century. (is optional and you can also do an easier-to-reach church/hike with a great view) Then drive to Mekele , for the late afternoon, fly to Addis Ababa. In the evening, farewell dinner at a traditional restaurant with local dancers and musicians representing some of the country’s ethnic groups.

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