Special Omo Valley Tour 6 days

Tour Code : ETE012
Tour Type : Cultural
Duration : 5 Nights and 6 Days
Transportation: : Air and Land (4WD)
Tour starts / ends : Addis Ababa

The  Omo Valey is some kind of a living Museum containing some of the most colourful tribes and ethnic groups. The fascinating costumes, colourful ceremonies and celebrations, arts, crafts, music and dance of the Banna, Hamer, Mursi and Dasenech are very special.
This tour takes you to the remote tribes of the Omo Valley to witness some of the last remaining authentic tribes on the African continent. Being isolated from the fast-moving world for thousands of years because of its remote location.
You will vist the east and west side of the Omo River. You will experience the lifes of  the Konso, Hammer, Karo, Erbore and Muris tribes. You will spend enough time visiting their villages and intermingling with the different tribes, learning about their lifestyle, attending ceremonies and rituals, and taking photos.


  • Meet the Mursi, maybe the most exotic tribe in the Omo Valley with their colorful body and face painting and clay lip plates
  • See the daily life of the tribes
  • Witness the rituals and traditions of the tribes
  • Visit colorful markets in different villages
  • Enjoy the amazing landscape, nature, and birdlife of the Ethiopian Rift Valley
  • Meet your ancestor Lucy at the National Museum in Addis Ababa
  • Visit One UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • 1

    Addis Ababa - Jinka


    On your arrival at Jinka airport Eyayaw Tours team will be waiting for you at the exit door of the airport then you will drive to Mago National Park to visit a Mursi Village. The Mursi are undoubtedly the most celebrated residents of South Omo, are a distinctive group of pastoralists. The Mursi are best known for their unique item of decoration — lip plates. Women of Mursi wear circular clay plates on their lower lip and the bigger a woman can wear, the greater her value when she gets married. Enjoy your stay at nice setting of the Jinka Resort.

  • 2

    Jinka – Karo - Turmi


    After an early breakfast you drive to Turmi via visiting the Kara tribe, who reside on the shore of the Omo River. The Kara are the masters in body and face painting, which they practice on a daily basis. Before their rituals and dances, they carefully paint their faces and body as well as the faces of their friends using various-colored soil, minerals, plant pigments, flowers, white chalk, and black charcoal. Men are decorated with red clay hair buns they have prepared for days.

  • 3

    Turmi - Omorate - Turmi


    n the cool morning, we will drive to Omorate to visit the Desanech (Geleb) tribal village after crossing the Omo River by boat. The Desanech are nomadic pastoralists found across the western bank of the Omo River south of Lake Turkana very close to the Kenyan boarder. In the afternoon, we will drive to Hamer Village. The Hamer, display an elaborate and diverse selection of body decorations. They are also identifiable for their high cheekbones and elaborate custom of beads, cowries, leather, and thick copper necklaces. In the same village, we might enjoy the seasonal cultural activities.

  • 4

    Turmi - Konso- Arba Minch


    Early in the morning you will driving passed the wonderful African landscapes, seeing the day life of these unique communities passing by on the way to to Arba Minch. We will stop in one of the Konos village. The Konos aeria it’s registered by UNESCO as one of the world heritages sites. The Konso are famous for their old and unique terracing to cultivating the land. A special tradition are the engraved wooden statues as grave markers, Taste the good flavor of the local coffee

  • 5

    Arba Minch - Lake Chamo - Dorze village - Arba Minch


    n the morning you will have a boat cruise on Lake Chamo to see some of the biggest African crocodiles, Hippopotamuses and many beautiful aquatic birds including the lovely Kingfisher and African fish agile. After Lunch you will drive north to the mountain village of Chencha, located on the southwestern escarpment of the Great Rift Valley, which runs north to south all the way to Mozambique. This is the home of the Dorze people. The Dorze people, once famous warriors in the region, are now renowned cotton weavers whose tall beehive-shaped and bamboo-woven dwellings are among the most distinctive structures to be seen anywhere in Africa.

  • 6

    Arba Minch - Addis Ababa

    Early in the morning you will drive to Arba Minch airport for your flight to Addis Ababa. You will have a time to explore Addis Ababa, by visiting the National Museum (home of the remains of the famous hominid fossil, “Lucy”), Entoto Mountain and the largest open air market called Merkato. In the evening before departure, you will be invited to a farewell dinner at one of the best traditional restaurants in Addis where you taste a variety of Ethiopian meals and watch the folkloric dancers of the Ethiopian people. Then transfer to Bole, Addis Ababa airport for the flight back home.