Hi Marty
Just to say we have had a magic trip with Eyayaw. He was a brilliant tour guide and we loved every day.
He and many others are eagerly looking forward to seeing you here soon.
We are off to Harar today, then home. We met some home owners of the Houses for humanity in Jimma and they sang your praises loudly.
Look forward to spending more time with you soon in NZ.
This has been a wonderful experience.

Mark and Krissy

Hi Eyayaw
Thank you so much for your great organisation for our holiday Ethiopia. We had a really good time and found it all very interesting. We were very impressed with all your organisation.
The whole itinerary was really excellent and we were delighted to cover so many interesting places, and we really enjoyed Paradise Lodge.
with our best regards and sincere thanks,

Paula and Colin Green

My wife & I travelled the Southern Ethiopia Cultural tour with Eyayaw Tours. Whilst we had travelled to Northern Ethiopia some years earlier we found this experience very different but also very rewarding. We travelled from Addis Ababa by van with a driver, and Eyayaw Biru as our guide. The 7 days were full of changing scenes & characteristics of the tribes visited from different types of tukuls to customs. Throughout the tour our guide modified our schedule to meet changes, such as, weather & road conditions but always kept us well informed and why the rescheduling. Days travelling were long and/or short depending on positioning for the next days activities. Our guide always responded to our questions positively and encouraged discussion. He had a very detailed and interesting understanding of the tribal cultures. At all times we felt safe. There were many times we were overwhelmed by the simple and exotic style of living of these people. We would thoroughly recommend this tour. This gives you a unique experience into the tribal lives of the Ethiopian people.

Ellen & Errold Paynter

Got back to New Zealand in time for christmas dinner with the family. It was great seeing them again after 3 months. They, of course, were full of questions. Did I like Ethiopia? Did I like Israel? Did I like Jordan? Which was my favourite? I LOVE your country my friend. As you know, I spent time on a Habitat build but wanted to go south to see the tribal areas. I actually wanted to do this backpacking by myself. This wasn't going to happen was it?! Your country is vast man! Then you turned up. Calm, accommodating and happy to show me your Ethiopia. What a place. Very beautiful. Very interesting. And didn't we have fun! I have done a lot of travelling over the years. If I can't do it myself I want boutique. You guys did this for me and thank you for that. You were superb. Please feel free to use this as a recommendation as you please. I have one wish. I wish that in the future our paths will cross again. All the very best and thanks again!

Chris from Titirangi, Auckland, New Zealand

Dear Eyayaw,

Thank you so much for the way you prepared our itinerary for the time we were in Ethiopia recently.

All the plans, including plane flights, bus and boat tours ran smoothly: the hotels you chose were all clean and tidy with helpful staff, and reasonably priced.

Your bus driver was thoughtful in making regular stops on long trips, providing bottled water and fresh fruit; made time for photo stops and was a pleasure to travel with.

Your guides provided good information on the parts of the country we were passing through.

A special thank you for the extra time you put in seeing to our comforts while we were in Addis Ababa - we will certainly recommend you as a reliable, thoughtful travel agent who puts personal service first in dealing with the public.

Many thanks - we look forward to meeting up with you again in the future.

Jack and Ruth Johnston, Auckland, New Zealand

In der Zeit vom 27.06.2012 bis zum 10.07.2012 verbrachten wir unseren Urlaub in Äthiopien.

Unser Reiseleiter Eyayaw Biru Mekonene plante – nach unseren Vorstellungen und Vorgaben – für die ersten 10 Tage eine Reise in den Süden Äthiopiens. In der zweiten Woche fuhren wir über Land nach Lalibela.

Unsere Reise war perfekt geplant, die Führungen waren gut vorbereitet und überzeugend durchgeführt.

Insgesamt waren wir mit der Organisation und dem Verlauf unserer Reise sehr zufrieden.

Wir bedanken uns bei Eyayaw Biru Mekonene und wünschen ihm viel Erfolg für seine weitere Arbeit.

Vielen Dank.
Mit lieben Grüßen

Familie Mühle

Walking in the mountains near Lalibela; there is more to discover

Lalibela is a wonderful town. You can visit the age-old monolithic churches in a beautiful scenery. All around you see the huge mountains.
Most people stay in Lalibela and visit the churches and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.
My wife Els and I not only visited the churches, but made a gorgeous 5 days hike in the mountains.

We went with Eyayaw Biru as our guide, both carrying al little backpack with some clean clothes and all the stuff you need for a hiking of a few days.
We left the Seven Olives Hotel early in the morning and started walking uphill.
Eyayaw first took us to the Asheten Maryam Monastery, that we visited.
Then further uphill. Al the way up we met other people, going to town, the market with their merchandise. Ethiopian people, donkeys, cows, all along the rocky path going up and down.

In the end of the afternoon we reached the Lalibela Hudad Lodge, where we were heartly welcomed. After a drink in front of the central lounge/restaurant we went to our Tukul, a little house for our own, nicely decorated and with a beautiful view out of the window.

After having a good and well deserved meal, near the fire (because it is cold on 3100 m), we were wonderfully surprised. I won’t tell you the secret; just go and find out yourselves.

The second day we stayed in the Hudad Lodge again and walked around in the neighborhood; having a real nice coffee-ceremony in the little village of Merbaru. Time to rest and time to go and see the lovely monkeys that live around the lodge and are easy to approach.
The next day we went further. Still going uphill. All around us the people, on the road like us or working the fields, the children playing and attending the cattle. We had a coffee break and some bread in the village of Cherberay. In the end of the day we reached Tigu Kebele and our place for the night, the Mount Abuna Yosef Lodge.

We are now at a height of 3600 meters and have the feeling that we really are in the inlands of Ethiopia. The lodge and the food are plain but good. After a day of strenuous walking we slept well under a big pile of blankets, that protected us against the cold of the night.
Early in the morning I went further with Eyayaw, in the direction of Mount Abuna. We left the people and villages behind us and go really up in the mountains looking for the Red Fox. And we were lucky, so lucky. This scarce animal crossed our way and gave us time to admire him.
We went back the same way, looking around and enjoying the views; the fields on the most unlikely places, the people working the land together; the children helping and playing.

At the end of the day we are back in the Hudad Lodge. The big surprise is not a surprise anymore, but not less welcome.
The last day we walk back to Lalibela. Arriving in our hotel we look back on a splendid hike that showed us another view on Ethiopia. We are Eyayaw and all the people we met on our tour very grateful for their support and warm enthusiasm.

As said we travelled with Eyayaw Biru. He lives in Addis and runs a little tour agency named 'Eyayaw Tours Ethiopia'. Eyayaw is a flexible and very nice guide, with good social skills, speaking English and German. He is eager to make all your travel-wishes to come true.