Lalibela Cultural And Hiking 6 days

Tour Code : ET015
Tour Type : Nature/Hiking and Cultural
Duration : 5 Nights and 6 Days
Transportation : Surface and Air
Tour starts : Addis Ababa

This tour combines the cultural highlights of Lalibela with hiking in the beautiful nature with stunning view of the Lasta mountains. The surrounding area of Lalibela offers superb hiking including Abune Josef Mountain, third highest pick in Ethiopia. Nestled on a plateau, Lalibela Hudad is a world upon itself. The Hudad Lodge is a great place to stay and use as a base to explore the area. A hidden eden with great views and a superb variety of animals, birds and plant life. Accessible only by food, community run, build in traditional style with local materials, solar powered and all waste products recycled the lodge showcases local sustainable and ecological tourism at its’ best.
Nowhere else can you find the form of rock churches so typical of Ethiopia in this concentration and quality as in Lalibela. A play of light and shadow, colour and shape, often referred to by many as one of the “Living Wonders of the World” will keep you amazed.



  • Visit One UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Lalibela
  • Be amazed by a visit to the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, one of “the living wonders of the world”. 
  • Trekking in the afro-alpine vegetation area of the Lasta massif mountains 
  • Spot the endanger Ethiopian wolf and Chelada baboons. 
  • Explore the vibrant city of Addis Ababa. 
  • Meet your ancestor Lucy at the National Museum.
  • Try varied Ethiopian food.
  • Attend an Ethiopian coffee ceremony.
  • Explore the remote area of the North.
  • Day 1

    Addis Ababa - Lalibela

    Arrive in Addis Ababa early in the morning, Welcome to Ethiopia! First immersion in Ethiopian life in the vibrant city of Addis Ababa, the capital at an altitude of up to 2,450 m it is the third highest capital city in the world. The altitude may fatigue you, so take it easy today. After a rest you will explore Addis Ababa a city of contrasts with modern skyscrapers next to corrugated iron huts, donkey, and horse carts next to modern means of transport, colorful traditional markets next to supermarkets. Visit the National Museum (home of the remains of the famous hominid fossil, “Lucy”), Entoto Mountain and the largest open-air market called Merkato. A colourful mix of modern and traditional city life. We continue to fly to Lalibela, the "Jerusalem of Ethiopia", which was not unfairly declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Get the chance to meet the local community at a locale coffee.

  • Day 2


    This morning you will fly to Lalibela, the "Jerusalem of Ethiopia", which was not unfairly declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Lalibela is most famous for its churches. Visit the 12-13th century rock hewn churches These churches have been an active Christian sanctuary for at least 800 years - the spiritual centre of the country's religious life. Today you will visit the monolithic churches were carved out of a 2,600 square meter natural rock terrace by King Lalibela in the 12th century AD. The maze of underground churches, the fascinating and incredible architecture and history will amaze you!

  • Day 3

    Lalibela – Hudada

    Early morning you will drive up to Asheton Mariam which is ruggedly carved out of a cleft on the cliffs of Asheten. The monastery is between the historic Ethiopian town Lalibela and the Hudad Eco-Lodge. Built in the 11th century, King Lalibela’s original plan was to build the rock hewn churches in Asheten Maryam. The setting of the monastery is particularly riveting with 360-degree views of the valley and town. From there we start the hike up to the plateau where the Hudad lodge is situated. Looking back with beautiful views to Lalibela and the Lasta mountains around

  • Day 4


    Today, for the once who want, we will have a strenuous hike up to the Abuna Josef Mountain (4260 m), which should not be underestimated. But it is a great hike and you will be rewarded with extraordinary views and gain the chance to see the unique afro alpine habitat zone with its’ majestic giant lobelias. You might be lucky to see the endangered Ethiopian wolf. You will have coffee in the local tukuls house and enjoy the social lives of the farmers. As alternative you can visit the nearby Abichagula reserve which is located on the northern side of the Hudad and take one of the many short walks. The reserve is home to large numbers of endemic fauna and flora and is one of the few remaining examples of thick wild vegetation. In addition, the mysterious and as of yet unexplored buried church of Beta Gabriel is a two-hour hike from the Lodge.

  • Day 5

    Hudada – Lalibela

    Early morning, the hike will take you to the Yimrehane Kristos Cave built up church. This is a beautiful, decorated church which is different and older than from the rock-hewn churches from Lalibela town. After visiting the church, our car will wait us there and takes us back to Lalibela.